Ultrafine cement for grouting


Ultrafine cement for grouting into the sea


The medium particle size of ultrafine cement is 3-4 micrometers, with a maximum particle size of under 10 micrometers. This high efficiency grouting material has excellent permeation characteristics, making it suitable for grouting fine grain soils, and for the filling of small fissures. It is mainly used in grouting construction work.

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Fine cement for grouting


Rapid Hardening Fine cement for grouting


Nittetsu Colloid is a fine-particle grouting cement which has been developed to prevent water leakage in the Seikan Tunnel construction. The average particle size is half the size of a regular cement particle, therefore, it has high groutability. "Since it also has excellent durability and a high level of weathering resistibility, its usage ranges from the foundations of dam construction for tunnels and civil engineering projects for city development".

High quality and durability mortar for repairing

NEM Series

NEM Series

These are premixed mortar with high strength and long term durability, for surface coverage of concrete structures. There are three types available, according to usage, such as normal temperature, rapid hardening type in low temperature and sulfuric acid resistance type, etc.

Cementious Surface Repair Material

repair Material

HI-GUARD is premix surface repair material formulated with polymer and fine blast furnace slag for prevention of concrete deterioration. Coating layer is extremely durable to protect concrete structures by salt damages, carbonation, and frost damages, etc.

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Concrete Crack Repair Material

repair Material

This inorganic injection material for repairing cracks of concrete structures can be applied to fine sized cracks of 0.05mm, even in the case of the existence of water inside. The slurry which is injected, forms an elaborate hardened body. Rapid hardening type "Hi-Stuff Z", which can be used for waterproofing purposes, is also available.

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